Rules and Regulations

Besides bombarding you with information that would get you thinking and learning, this blog, in line with the fundamental principle of freedom of expression, welcomes contributions in the form of articles and/or comments.

However, all contributions are subject to moderation before they appear on the blog. It therefore goes without saying that contributions that violate Rules and Regulations shall be rejected.

Rules and Regulations on this blog PROHIBIT the following:
  1. Contributions, including comments, photos and videos that offend, provoke or attack an individual or group of individuals.
  2. Foul or profane language.
  3. Sexually explicit or pornographic content (links, websites, pictures, videos, etc).
  4. Impersonation.
  5. Contributions and/or comments that advertise products and services.
  6. Racist, sexist, xenophobic or homophobic comments that spread, provoke or incite hatred.
  7. Contributions and/or comments in any language other than English, French, Finnish or Swedish.
  8. Contributions and/or comments that promote a political agenda.
  9. Contributions and/or comments that instigate hate, violence, terrorism or any unlawful activity.
  10. Contributions and/or comments that contain telephone numbers, addresses and other personal information.
  11. Defamatory or libelous contributions or comments.
Contributions and/or comments that are not approved and published on the blog within 48 hours after submission shall be considered REJECTED. Repeated posting of rejected comments shall be considered harassment, and sanctioned as prescribed by law.

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