Monday, September 28, 2009

4 Categories of People: To which Category Do you Belong?

You would agree with me that if your business or job (rat race) requires you to do presentations and meet as many people as possible each day, you have the bittersweet experience of meeting different types of people. It's a great experience because you interact with people and get their perspective on a variety of issues. It's also a depressing experience because some of the people you meet share their stories and expose you to some of the harsh realities of life... realities that cause you to have a rude awakening and remind you that life is not a bed of roses. It is no secret that people make lots of sacrifices just to put food on the table and support themselves and their families. A majority of people trade the bulk of their waking hours for money, with little or no time to do other things that are equally (if not more) important. Very few people have figured out how to strike a balance.

In the course of building my business and sharing the vision that we can do better than we think, I have traveled around a little bit. During my travels, I have had the pleasure to meet and work with many people. From my experiences and encounters, I can safely classify people into 4 categories. These categories include:

  1. No money and a lot of time
  2. No money and no time
  3. A lot of money and no time
  4. A lot of money and a lot of time

From the above categories, I am sure you can tell where you fall. Your level of success depends on the category in which you operate. Permit me to briefly explain each category.

  1. No money and a lot of time. Many people have a lot of time in their hands but they are not using the time to generate any income. This is because most of them don't have any means of generating income. A good example of people who fall in this category are the unemployed - people who have no job, no business or system that generates income for them. Sadly, there is an unprecedented increase in the number of people in this category. This is a sign that the economic recession is taking no prisoners. The global economy is showing no signs of recovery and more and more people are losing their jobs and businesses. This leaves them with no money and a lot of time. This is not a good category to be in.
  2. No money and no time. People in this category are mostly employees. They work for the state, an organisation or for someone else. These are people who exchange their precious time for money. They generate earned income (the worst kind of income). If they don't put in working hours, they don't make any money. In this category, people work very hard and put in extra hours of work just to be able to put food on the table, pay the mortgage, make payments for the car, credit card and other expenses. They work so hard that they have no time for themselves, their families and friends. They have to choose between spending time with their family and friends or exchanging time for money in order to make a living. On pay day, these people make some money but after paying all the bills, they are left will little or nothing. They live paycheck to paycheck and work a job until old age renders them incapable, leaving them with no choice but to retire with a meagre pension.
  3. A lot of money and no time. People in this category work a job, make some good money but they don't have time to relax and enjoy what they work so hard to earn. I'm thinking about doctors, lawyers, you name it. Just like in any other job, if they don't show up for work, the consequences will be grave - they won't make any money and/or they would be fired. The bottom line is people in this category are employed and paid a good salary to get the job done or get fired. Society mistakenly thinks people in this category are rich. Yes, they make a nice big paycheck but the problem here is that if they are not exchanging their time, knowledge or expertise, then they are not making any money. Stress level is high in this category.
  4. A lot of money and a lot of time. People who fall in this category are those driving the porsches and the mercedes, those playing golf on a Monday morning, those who spend all the time they need with their kids and watch them grow, those who leave a legacy for the kids, those who travel as much as they want to, those living the life they deserve. Chances are people in category own their own business or have set up a system that generates passive income (the best kind of income) for them so that they can have time and money to do other things that matter. They make their own rules, decide what to do and when, decide who they want to work with and as if this is not enough, they write their own paycheck.
I don't know about you but most people would like to be in category 4. The problem is many have been unable to figure out how to get there. However, there is some good news. I have my hands on an opportunity which has the potential to place ANYBODY with a good work ethic in category 4. It's a proven system. Believe it or not, we need opportunities and opportunities don't go away, they simply go to someone else who is ready. The question is - are you ready to take your game from the ordinary to the extraordinary? Don't let fear, indecision and doubt overpower you.

For tips on the business opportunity, watch this news clip - click here.

I invite you to comment below if you have a question, comment or suggestion. Warm regards!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How it all started: My 5LINX® Story

I hav
e not been around for too long but I know I am persistent, consistent, disciplined and I act with urgency and excitement. I am coachable, I navigate unfamiliar environments and excel even when pundits, cynics and naysayers tell me otherwise. Some say I am lucky. But in my world, the word "lucky" does not exist. I make things happen! Success is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. This is my story... my 5LINX® story.

When I came to Europe from Cameroon, West Africa, my goal was to study hard and make some extra money to support my family back home. To achieve this goal, I found myself in Goteborg, Sweden waking up every day at 1am to go to work. For 8 months, I was a slave to the alarm clock. I knew something had to change. It dawned on me that I could not work every single night for the rest of my life in Europe. However, I was complacent and continued to work at night because I was afraid of change. I later realized that change is uncomfortable but in order to get to the other side, I must be ready to change.

In June 2007, I was offered a full scholarship to go pursue a Master's degree in International Human Rights Law in Lund University, Sweden. It was a turning point in my life. While studying, I didn't have to worry about money because everything was taken care of. I did not have to wake up at 1am to go exchange time for money. It was a comfortable lifestyle - getting paid for doing absolutely nothing. I must confess it was not a lot of money but I had both time and money. That is when it hit me! That is when I realized that in order to be comfortable in life I have to build a business or set up a system that can generate income for me even when I am asleep; a business that can guarantee me a "scholarship lifestyle".

Then came the 5LINX® business opportunity on October 8, 2008. The moment I was placed in front of the opportunity, I knew that was it! I could feel it in my bones. I got started without a blink. Ever since I saw that videophone, I have not gone to sleep. I have been running since then with my eyes fixed on the big prize - SVP promotion. You can't stop me. The smart thing to do is join me. I am young, vibrant, fired up and ready to go. I look forward to seeing you at the TOP; not from the top. God bless you!

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