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This blog is designed to tackle issues related to human rights and fundamental freedoms, the rule of law, politics, social trends and other global issues that would get you thinking and learning.

The blog even adds another dimension as it seeks to inspire ordinary people to challenge the status quo - combat man's inhumanity to man and seek progress through social justice.

Created in 2009, it was titled: On The Road To Success.

While many people mistakenly think the "road to success" is all about how to acquire wealth, fame and power - I see the road from a unique angle.

In my perspective the road to success is infested with obstacles that shame us all. Obstacles such as discrimination, corruption, xenophobia, human trafficking, persecution, unlawful detentions, racism, forced labour, torture, extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, political trials, gender-related violence and other social ills.

Mindful of these obstacles, I venture out on the road to success on a different lane; with a different mission: to promote human rights, fundamental freedoms, the rule of just laws and social justice for all natural persons.

Frederick Douglas, a former slave and leader of the abolitionist movement once said: "Success is Born of Struggle". He was right. For many people around the world facing untold human rights violations, the struggle to enjoy equality and to live in dignity and freedom continues...

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