Sunday, September 27, 2009

How it all started: My 5LINX® Story

I hav
e not been around for too long but I know I am persistent, consistent, disciplined and I act with urgency and excitement. I am coachable, I navigate unfamiliar environments and excel even when pundits, cynics and naysayers tell me otherwise. Some say I am lucky. But in my world, the word "lucky" does not exist. I make things happen! Success is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. This is my story... my 5LINX® story.

When I came to Europe from Cameroon, West Africa, my goal was to study hard and make some extra money to support my family back home. To achieve this goal, I found myself in Goteborg, Sweden waking up every day at 1am to go to work. For 8 months, I was a slave to the alarm clock. I knew something had to change. It dawned on me that I could not work every single night for the rest of my life in Europe. However, I was complacent and continued to work at night because I was afraid of change. I later realized that change is uncomfortable but in order to get to the other side, I must be ready to change.

In June 2007, I was offered a full scholarship to go pursue a Master's degree in International Human Rights Law in Lund University, Sweden. It was a turning point in my life. While studying, I didn't have to worry about money because everything was taken care of. I did not have to wake up at 1am to go exchange time for money. It was a comfortable lifestyle - getting paid for doing absolutely nothing. I must confess it was not a lot of money but I had both time and money. That is when it hit me! That is when I realized that in order to be comfortable in life I have to build a business or set up a system that can generate income for me even when I am asleep; a business that can guarantee me a "scholarship lifestyle".

Then came the 5LINX® business opportunity on October 8, 2008. The moment I was placed in front of the opportunity, I knew that was it! I could feel it in my bones. I got started without a blink. Ever since I saw that videophone, I have not gone to sleep. I have been running since then with my eyes fixed on the big prize - SVP promotion. You can't stop me. The smart thing to do is join me. I am young, vibrant, fired up and ready to go. I look forward to seeing you at the TOP; not from the top. God bless you!

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