Friday, November 6, 2009

Freedom is not Free!

Freedom is defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as the quality or state of being free. It is the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action. Freedom also refers to liberation from slavery or restraint, or from the power of another. It means independence. It is worth mentioning that the word "freedom has a broad range of application and it's a very strong word.

All across the world, people want to be free. People want to be free from financial, economic, political or social restraint. Needless to say, freedom has a price and not everybody is willing to pay the price. If you want to be free, you must be willing and ready to pay the price for freedom. The question that arises here is, what do you want to be free from?

If you ask me the same question, I would tell you I want to be free from financial restraint. I want to be free from the restraints of having to work for money (that's why I do what I do). I understand I'm not free until I'm able to do what I want to do, when we want to do it and with whom we want to do it. Unfortunately, many of us are constrained by jobs and we don't really have a choice. We're not free! Whether you understand this or not, you have to realise that in order to be free you must be able to make money work for you or set up a system that generates income for you so that you'd have the time and freedom to do what you really want to do. You sincerely don't want to go to work, but you HAVE to. True or false? Unfortunately you MUST go to work in order to pay the bills. Are you free? The answer is NO.

You might argue that money is not everything. I perfectly agree with you. Life is not all about money. But, tell me something on earth that money does not affect. Money influences the school you and your kids go, the car you drive, the house you live in, the food you eat, you name it. The bottom line is, money is important but many people are in denial. Until we learn to have money work for us, we'd be constrained to work for money until old age renders us incapable.

My favorite song is about freedom. The song never fails to inspire me to get out there and fight for my freedom. It's a song by Akon entitled FREEDOM. You've probably listened to it before but take a listen again and pay particular attention to the lyrics:

Many of us enjoy good music but very few of us pay close attention to the lyrics. In case you missed the lyrics, FREEDOM by Akon is the story of a boy who left Senegal, West Africa for the United States in search for freedom. He had a talent in playing drums so he took along his drum and one other thing - a dream. He knew the world was up for grasp so he searched to find his freedom.

Freedom remains an illusive concept for many people but you can gain your freedom if you know what you want and you're ready to pay the price. Make no mistake about it, freedom is not free. That said, make sure you don't stop till you find you're freedom!

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  1. Yes we all want to be free but are we ready to pay the price for freedom? The point is freedom that is really freedom is so costly that it needs a high degree of wisdom to adopt the path..but until I am free you know I will keep fighting..


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