Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to Escape a Snow Burial

It is no secret that the amount of snowfall this winter has been unprecedented and it has given global warming skeptics around the world more reason to question the rate at which our planet is warming. The United States has seen the heaviest snowfall since 1922 and Europe is constantly struggling with snow storm and icy road alerts. That said, snow might have managed to bury Barack Obama's climate change bill, but it is not done yet because it might bury you as well, if you're not precautious over the next couple of months. It's important to know how to escape a snow burial.

The advent of warmer weather is melting the hugh amounts of snow that have accumulated on roof tops. Hence, massive lumps of snow are bound to hit the ground. This is not rocket science, yet it is not uncommon for these massive lumps of snow to bury or injure unsuspecting passers-by.

On Friday 26 February 2010 in Southern Sweden, melting snow from a roof buried a baby in his pram. This is an extremely unlucky incident, but the baby survived with only a few scratches.

In the city of Stockholm, several people have been injured by snow from roof tops - including a 55-years-old woman who was serious injured by falling snow from a 7 floor building.

No doubt, these are unfortunate instances, but they go a long way to warn you about the possibility of a snow burial, as you go around you daily activities.

Yesterday, while taking out the trash, I felt as though someone had poured very cold water on my head. As I looked up, I realised that I was standing in position for a snow burial. Can you imagine what would have happened if the hugh amount of snow overhead crumbled on me? Perhaps I would have added to the statistics of the many unsuspecting people who have been buried or injured by falling snow from roof tops.

Have you ever envisioned the possibility of a snow burial? You might take it for granted and just walk around blindly, but the threat is real. Endeavor to look up before you pass or stand under any surface with accumulated snow. You might escape a road accident because you looked left and right before crossing the road, but get buried by snow at your door steps - simply because you failed look up. A word to a wise is enough!

Have you witnessed or managed to escape a snow burial?

As usual, I look forward to reading your comments and my wish for you is that you don't get buried or injured by melting snow from a roof top.

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