Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dunia Magazine: Celebrating cultural diversity and breaking stereotypes!

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been working in partnership with some great ladies blogging at blogface2face and Growth Mentality, to produce a magazine that would connect you with ordinary people doing extraordinary things around the world. After many hours of brainstorming, we settled on a name - DUNIA - meaning world in Swahili. The name captures the vision of the magazine - which seeks to connect us with diverse cultures around the world, and shed light on how your cultural values affect your level of success. Dunia Magazine brings the world to you in print!

The cover of the first issue of Dunia Magazine is ready and was first released to the public on 17 July 2010 for comments and suggestions. I must tell you, the feedback has been great!

Many prospective readers are excited about the vision of Dunia Magazine, and have responded in their numbers to a call to join the mailing list on the Dunia website.

Like every great project developed by ordinary people like you and I, Dunia Magazine has met with a fair share of skepticism.

Two weeks ago, with great excitement, I sent out messages to a couple of friends on Facebook, urging them to make suggestions and join the mailing list. As you'd expect, some friends responded, while others did not. Among the replies, one caught my attention: A good friend sincerely said the first cover is obviously looking good, but he would comment only after the FIFTH issue of Dunia Magazine. He meant no disrespect, as he pointed out that projects like this are always glamorous in the beginning, but fade away with time. He pointed out that sustainability would earn his praise. This, no doubt, is a valid argument, and luckily, team Dunia has what it takes to earn his praise.

Would Dunia Magazine stand the test of time?

Absolutely! With your support, Dunia Magazine will be released quarterly. The Dunia team has what it takes to sustain the project and in the process - break stereotypes, misconceptions and prejudices about different cultures and people.

The team has already written about the vision of Dunia Magazine, and how you can advertise on Dunia Magazine. But, it is worth reiterating that the content of the first issue is ready and we're now working hard to put Dunia Magazine on print and on the map. We're on schedule and copies of Dunia will be available as planned in mid-August 2010.

For updates, please visit the Dunia Magazine website and join the mailing list.

Let us know your suggestions and thoughts on the forthcoming magazine.

Dunia Magazine is truly the magazine that connects us!

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  1. Excellent update, Zuzeeko! Feedback like the one you got from your friend is great. Our goal is the meet the sustainability test and keep things exciting! I think we're up to the challenge! I'm so honored to partner with a brain like yours!


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