Sunday, September 5, 2010

Israel: Arab man convicted for consensual sex with Jewish woman

This happened more than a month ago in Israel, but, like many people, I missed the story. In July 2010, an Arab man was convicted of rape after he posed as a Jew and had consensual sex with the Jewish woman. 

Sabbar Kashur - a 30-year-old married Arab male met a Jewish woman in Jerusalem, told her he was a Jewish bachelor and the two consenting adults had sex shortly after the meeting. The woman reported Kashur to the police after she later discovered that he was not a Jew. Kashur was charged, convicted and sentenced to 18 months in prison for "rape by deception."

According to The Guardian, Arabs make up only 20% of the population of Israel, and Arabs are commonly marginalised.

As you would expect, Sabbar Kashur has criticised the verdict of the Jerusalem District Court - branding it "racist".

Rape by deception, according to Wikipedia, is a crime recognised in some jurisdictions including California and Tennessee in the U.S. Incidentally, it is a crime in Israel. Hence the conviction of Kashur for having consensual sex by deception with a Jewish woman is justifiable under Israeli law.

Perhaps, the case would have been decided differently in a European court, where the use or threat of violence and the absence of consent are key ingredients in the definition of rape.

Sources reveal that Sabbar Kashur will appeal the conviction for consensual sex.

*Photo: The Guardian.


  1. From my humble point of view the question is whether rape by deception is a criminal act in israel?the answer is obviously in the affirmative as it is elsewhere.i do not feel that the fact that Arabs are marginalised in israel necessarily means that every act posed against them is marginalistic.sabar kashur clearly breached the law and should suffer the effects of his act.

  2. I agree, Dia. The conviction of Kashur, in my opinion, is justifiable under Israeli law. Thank you very much for your contribution. I appreciate.


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