Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sudan: Shocking video of woman flogged in public

A shocking video showing a distressed woman being flogged in public with what appears to be bull whips, by uniformed state agents enforcing a controversial law has outraged viewers.

The incident, captured in an amateur video, sheds light on a barbaric form of punishment implemented in the Republic of Sudan, the "largest country in Africa and the Arab world."

I must tell you - the video is graphic and hard to watch.

It is worth mentioning that Article 152 of the 1991 Penal Code of Sudan justifies public flogging as a form of punishment for "indecent" acts (note that the wearing of trousers by women is considered an indecent act in Sudan). The law remains in place despite international calls and pressure on the Sudanese government to abolish flogging.

This medieval form of punishment still meted out in Sudan in the 21st Century is state-sponsored, and perpetrators of such cruelty walk free. This undermines respect for human rights and sends across a wrong message.

Torture and cruel and inhuman forms of punishment are deplorable and make a mockery of human rights. Such practices should be outlawed.


  1. ahh... the peaceful and loving religion of islam at its finest. no mercy even for old women.


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