Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 favorite national anthems and global unity

A national anthem is an officially recognized song that binds people of a nation together and evokes the spirit of patriotism, national pride and most importantly, unity - whenever it is played and/or song. An anthem is one of the few things that unite people who disagree on key issues. National anthems are widely used under different circumstances, including national celebrations, festivals, peaceful protests and sporting events. The power of a national anthem can be seen in places like parliament, senate or congress for instance, where politicians from different political parties disagree, but identify themselves with one anthem at the beginning of heated sessions. In Tahrir Square - Cairo, Egypt - during the pro-democracy demonstrations that culminated in the ousting a dictator, we saw how the national anthem of the Arab state united protesters - Muslims, Christians, men, women and children - calling for change. There is no denying that national anthems break barriers and inspire a sense of identity and national pride and unity among nationals of a particular country.

It is on this note that I present my 5 favorite national anthems:

1) National anthem of Cameroon:

2) National anthem of Finland:

3) National anthem of South Africa:

4) National anthem of the United States:

5) National anthem of France:

Mindful of the powerful uniting force of anthems, it is easy to conclude that the world would be a more progressive and harmonious place with an anthem - a global anthem that would unite all citizens of the world, irrespective of national, ethnic, racial, linguistic, and other boundaries.

What's your favorite national anthem? I like to hear from you.

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