Friday, July 29, 2011

Civitas: Working for human rights in Cameroon

The Republic of Cameroon is a country with no shortage of human rights violations and limitations on fundamental freedoms. A lot has been written about the central African country where human rights remain illusive. Many would agree that there is need for more organizations to step up to the plate and help promote respect for human rights in the country. There are many organizations doing a good job on the ground, but there is still room for more groups to join the noble cause. A new organization called Civitas has joined the ranks of independent nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations  working for human rights in Cameroon.

Civitas is duly registered and legally recognized in Cameroon. The rights group is based in Bamenda, with its main office in GRA Up-Station and international bureaus in the United States and Finland.

The main objective of Civitas is to ensure that all individuals "enjoy all rights laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

The organization also promotes environmental protection initiatives.

With violations in Cameroon like breast ironing, endemic police brutality, as well as torture and imprisonment of journalists, Civitas clearly has a lot of work to do.

Visit the official website of Civitas - - and show support for the challenging work of the organization. You are also encouraged to join Civitas on Facebook and Twitter. More importantly, sign up for the organization's newsletter and receive updates about projects, campaigns, calls for action and news releases.

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