Monday, March 5, 2012

Finland: Read Amnesty International's Newspaper

Amnesty International, Finnish Section, publishes a newspaper - Amnesty-lehti - four times a year. The newspaper is produced in part by volunteers and contains a variety of human rights issues. Amnesty-lehti is part of Kultti - an association with a membership of over 180 cultural, scientific and advocacy magazines. The first issue this year, Amnesty-lehti 1/2012, was released on 5 March 2012 and contains an article written by me.

I wrote an article for the 1/2012 issue of Amnesty-lehti titled "Excitement and Sadness". It is on page 19. There is also a short text on page 3 in which I briefly explain why I got involved in human rights.

Amnesty-lehti is distributed to members of Amnesty International in Finland and can be read online. The 1/2012 publication covers a variety of human rights issues such as the arms trade, women and discrimination in Yemen, human rights in Syria, the Niger Delta oil spill and Amnesty International's call for Shell to take responsibility for oil spill and pollution, Guantanamo, torture, an interview with Finnish writer Märta Tikkanen and many other issues.

You're encouraged to read Amnesty-lehti. It is published in Finnish language, but my article in the 1/2012 issue is in English.

Permit me to seize this opportunity to thank the good people at Amnesty International in Finland for giving me this wonderful opportunity to write an article for Amnesty-lehti. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Amnesty International and the work the movement is doing to advance respect for human rights globally.

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