Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finland: Perussuomalaiset anti-Islamic ties uncovered by YLE

You've probably heard about the Perussuomalaiset (True Finns) political party in Finland. If you haven't - it's a right-wing, anti-immigration, anti-Islamic and Euro-skeptic political party that made shock gains in Finland's April 2011 parliamentary election. The party is no stranger to scandals involving its members of parliament, ordinary members and parliamentary aides. Scandals mostly involve anti-immigration rhetoric and hateful rhetoric against minority groups. A poll commissioned by Helsingin Sanomat in 2011 revealed that supporters of the party have the most negative attitudes towards immigrants, with up to 27% "recognizing a large, or fair amount of racist characteristics in themselves." This poll speaks volumes about the membership of the party, but a recent report by YLE News adds perspective to the composition of the party. The report exposes True Finns' ties to anti-Islamic, far-right movements in Finland.

According to the news report that exposes Perussuomalaiset party's anti-Islamic ties, several members of the party, including members of parliament and politicians, are linked the Finnish Defence League, a far-right, anti-Islamic "street movement". The report also links Perussuomalaiset members and politicians to Suomen Sisu, a nationalistic association based in Helsinki, Finland.

Far-right, anti-Islamic movements linked to the Perussuomalaiset party share something in common with Anders Behring Breivik - the infamous far-right extremist who massacred 77 people in Norway in the summer of 2011: they oppose multiculturalism and the so-called "Islamization of Europe."

It's true that people reserve the right to hold and express critical political opinions, but it's worth highlighting that it's also true that those who exercise their civil and political rights in ways that endanger the safety and freedoms of others must be held accountable. People of good conscience should distance themselves from political movements that promote anti-Islamic views and the bashing of immigrants and other minorities. Such movements that breed hate and thrive on racism, xenophobia and fear mongering are poisonous to society, especially when they are linked to parliament through political parties like the Perussuomalaiset. They intimidate, provoke and antagonize minority groups, thereby creating a hostile environment and putting both the people they claim to protect and the people they bash in harm's way.


  1. What a load of nonsense. Perhaps people like them are fed up with Muslims. Take for instance the tragic case of the woman in Britain who killed her son for failing to memorise the koran sufficiently well:
    This is the kind of thing that really mobilises people, not to mention 9/11, the bombs in the London underground, on a train in Madrid, the attack in Mumbai, etc etc. Everywhere Muslims come into contact with others, there is conflict initiated by the Muslims. I live in Helsinki and there is a really noticeable number of Somalian women in the metro in their hijab. It's really repulsive.

    Let's look at this case of the boy who was killed by his mother in Britain. They showed the Islamic school he attended, where the children sway back and forth as they memorise the Koran. It's sick. And I regret that due to our political correctness, we dare not say that this is truly the stupidest religion ever invented by man.

    1. You generalize and your comment screams hatred. All Muslims should not be condemned because of the appalling actions of a few. You're probably aware that there have been about eight family killings in Finland (not by Muslims) in just over a year. (See: But guess what - no one has condemned all Finns because of the cold-blooded baby killings perpetrated by a few Finnish men. In other words, rampant family killings in Finland have not "mobilized" people against Finns. In the same vein, all Muslims should not bear the brunt of what happened in New York, Madrid, Mumbai, etc.

      Sensible people attribute individual actions to individuals and refrain from insulting or defaming a religion, and instigating hatred against all its followers - because of the actions of fundamentalists.


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