Thursday, March 28, 2013

Call for interviewees in project to end exploitation of migrant workers in Finland

Migrant workers who have faced labour exploitation in Finland have an opportunity to make their voices heard by contributing to a research project. Their experiences will be presented in such a way that they will not be recognized.

Migrant workers in Finland, especially those from the so-called developing world are highly represented in the cleaning sector and other low skilled sectors, partly due to, in my view, unfair barriers in high skilled sectors. Many are exploited by employers who disregard labour laws and collective agreements. Effort is being made through various projects and initiatives to curb the exploitation. Migrant workers who have experienced labour exploitation in Finland have an opportunity to make their voices heard through the ADSTRINGO project - a project designed to address labour exploitation.

The ADSTRINGO project is an international project coordinated by the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI). The project is aimed at preventing exploitation of migrant workers in Finland and the Baltic Sea region by mapping out practices and problems in the recruitment of migrants workers. According to HEUNI, the project will prepare guidelines for employers and recruiters on how to identify and prevent labour exploitation.

A research report on Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Estonia will also be published as part of ADSTRINGO project.

HEUNI researchers  would like to interview people who have been exploited for labour purposes in Finland, especially in the cleaning and restaurant sectors. Interviewees will be asked about working conditions, how they were recruited, and how they were treated by the employer.

According to HEUNI, interviews will be confidential and the institute's staff is bound be secrecy. Information obtained from the interviews will be published in such a way that interviewees cannot be identified.

At the moment, there is a need for African interviewees.

I encourage migrant workers, especially those of African origin who have experienced labour exploitation in Finland's cleaning and restaurant sectors to contact HEUNI and be interviewed. Your participation will be a valuable contribution to the fight against exploitation of migrant workers in Finland.

Questions about the interviews and how you can participate should be directed to HEUNI.

Note that I am not affiliated with the institute and I am in no position to answer questions about the project or the interviews. I am just a supporter of what the ADSTRINGO project seeks to achieve. I have however discussed with a researcher at the institute and I can facilitate direct contact.

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