Monday, January 26, 2015

Field research opportunity in Sri Lanka for Master's students

In this competitive age, numerous students in many fields of studies face limited opportunities to showcase their knowledge and skills through practical work. Qualified applicants are numerous and chances of being selected are limited. Nonetheless, opportunities are there for the taking by qualified applicants who dare to apply. Those who do not apply stand no chance.

Shalin Finland, an NGO that, according to information on its homepage, networks on environmental, social and economic justice issues with focus on local solutions to challenges presented by environmental change and development-induced poverty, is looking for 6 students (preferably Master's level students) in the fields of Geography, Forestry, Biology, Development studies or other relevant subject to conduct field research in a project titled "Community participation for improved forest governance in Sri Lanka."

According to information in an email I received through a mailing list I am subscribed to, the proposed research areas are:
  1. GIS mapping
  2. Biodiversity and ecosystem services 
  3. Livelihood in the project sites
According to the email, the field research positions are self-financed (2000 euros for a three-week field trip, including flights, accommodation, meals, logistics in the field, translator and other supporting services). The research will ideally be conducted between April and May 2015 and the final report is expected to be submitted within 3 months after the field trip to Sri Lanka.

Shalin Finland offers selected students support in planning and conducting the research by the Finnish project management team, local partner in Sri Lanka supporting the field work and the opportunity to work with local students. In order to facilitate the research, the organisation also makes practical arrangements in the field, such as accommodation, logistics, translation services, research permits, etc.

It is stated in the email announcing the research opportunity that interested candidates should express interest by emailing their CVs, academic transcripts and motivation letters of not more than 200 words - indicating which of the three aforementioned research areas you are interested in, and preferred timing of the field research - to Applications will be screened until the required number of students is reached.

More information can be obtained via email: or from the Sri Lanka project webpage.

It is worthy to mention that I am not affiliated with Shalin. Sharing information on my blog about the research opportunity in Sri Lanka is a personal initiative designed to help interested students and to show support for the sustainable development work Shalin is doing. I believe there is a link between human rights - a cause I am passionate about - and development.  

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