Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Death of traditional telephony: No more Landlines

During an economic recession, people look for all possible ways to save money (although savers are losers). A cheaper means of communication therefore is the way to go. People need to communicate and telephone providers take advantage of this need and charge consumers sometimes as much as an arm and a leg for long distance and even local calls. There's some good news - those days are gone! Technology constantly improves and as this happens cheapers means of communication are being developed. Ask any consumer around the world whether they want to pay more or less on a bill, ten out of ten times, the answer will be YES.

Do you remember a few years ago when the personal computer swept aside the older mainframe computer? Today there's another technology which is bound to disrupt the telephone business, sweep aside the more expensive traditional telephone system and create a new generation of millionaires. This new technology is called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is a digital telephone service in which phone calls are transmitted over a fast internet connection. VoIP has signalled the end of distance and time-based pricing in the trillion-dollar telephony market. How does this concern you?

Well, I want to make you an offer you wouldn't refuse. I'm involved with a fortune 500 company that offers VoIP services and we can help you save up to 50% or more on your local and long distance phone services. Don't worry, it doesn't matter in what part of the globe you are. All you need is high speed internet and a connection to hook it up to. When the internet will make it to the moon, our service will go with it (that was meant to be a joke).

Our service is $24.95 a month, for UNLIMITED local, long distance and mobile calls anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands, with UNLIMITED landline calls to 75 calling areas throughout the world. Of course you also get a Voicemail, Caller ID and many other calling features. Sounds good? Now compare that to a situation where most people are paying $50 and sometimes up to $80 for an unlimted plan.

Well, it gets even better. For $29.95, you can see the person you're talking to without using a computer. Can you believe that? You'd agree with me that telecom is moving from "can you hear me now?" to "can you SEE me now?" Never again miss your family and friends. They're just a video phone call away. With the GLOBALINX® video phone, it's almost like being there! For details about the video phone, watch the News clip below:

Above all, there's another side of the story. I'm sure you're aware of the fact that each time you pay your telecom bill someone who has invested in the company that provides you with the service gets paid. This has been a well kept secret for a very long time. Enjoying your service and paying the bill religiously is very generous of you. However, I think it's smart to position yourself and get paid as well. Everybody wants to get paid, right? You now have the opportunity to partner with a fortune 500 telecom company and start getting paid each time customers pay their phone bills. A telecom bill can never be paid off. This tell me that customers will always pay their bills and we'll always get paid. It's that simple. Whether you understand this or not, you have to realise that you can be in a position that when customers pay their bills, some of that can come into your household month after month, year after year.

Regardless of your location, contact me if you want to save money on your telecom bill or if you want to help people save money on their telecom bills and make extra income at the same time. Warning: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must have a good work ethic, determination, discipline and drive. Yes, Frederick Douglas was absolutely right, "Success is born of Struggle."

  • For more information about VoIP and how it will revolutionalize the phone business, read this article: The Ecomomist.

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