Wednesday, October 28, 2009

4 Reasons why Everyone is not Happy about your Success

In this greatest game of all (life), everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to emerge victorious. We all want that dream job, car, family, house, bank account, business, you name it. We work very hard and put in all it takes to achieve our goals. When we become successful, it is no secret that everyone will join us celebrate but not everyone will be truly happy about our success. The question that arises here is, why is everyone not happy about your success?

1. You never let anyone steal your dream. Do not think that everyone who is not happy about your success is programmed to be unhappy; they're not. The problem for some people is that somewhere down the line someone (spouse, parent, friend, sibling) stole their dream and they never dared to dream again. Consequently, when you pursue your dream and make it a reality without listening to dream stealers , they feel cheated and become unhappy about your success.

2. You broke the status quo. Many people are comfortable with their lives as it is and never try to make life what it ought to be. They think they don't deserve more. You on the other hand thought differently and set out to make life what it ought to be. Your success, no doubt would leave those around you afraid of how your changes will affect your relationship with them. For example, where I come from, the man is considered the head of the family and more often than not, men earn more money than women and feel threatened by women who set out to boost their income. A husband in some cases, would not be happy about his wife's drive to earn more money than him and would do everything possible to avoid the situation (sounds silly but it's real). In this same vein, when you broke the staus quo, not everyone will be happy about your success.

3. You made tough choices. In the quest for success, you're bound to make some tough choices. In some cases, you might have to drop some negative friends, you might become interested in activities your friends consider "boring" such as going to business meetings, trainings and reading. As you make these choices, you'd leave behind some people in the choices you did not make and these people will inevitably be unhappy about your success when you succeed.

4. You paid the price. Before becoming successful, you took action and paid the price for success. Make no mistake about it, there were people who saw promise in your venture but were not willing to take action and to pay the price. In some cases you even reached out to them to join you but they either turned down the offer or did not pursue it to the end. Do not be surprised when the same people feel betrayed by you because you took action and paid the price for success.

It is evident that everyone would not be happy about your success. You can't do anything about it! However, this is no excuse for you to stop pursuing the dream. You're probably aware of the fact that all the people who have improved the quality of life today withstood an unslaught of people who were either not happy about their success or wanted them to fail. A few people may be unhappy about you success but keep in mind that there's someone somewhere looking up to you for inspiration.

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