Saturday, January 9, 2010

Everyday Marketers Without Pay

In this context, a marketer refers to someone who PROMOTES or exchanges goods or services for money. From the definition, it's tempting to conclude that every marketer gets paid. Right? Wrong! There're many everyday marketers without pay.

Before I was introduced to the money making machine - Network Marketing on October 8, 2008, I was completely an everyday marketer without pay. Today, although I'm building a business and have a tangible product (which happens to be my favorite gadget) - the video phone, I still market some products without pay.

Recently, I marketed a sofa to a friend and never got paid for my effort. A close friend paid me a visit and was attracted to the sofa in my living room. He asked me many questions about the sofa - where I bought it, the price, how it was delivered to my home and whether there's a smaller size. Like a marketer, I provided him with all the information he needed. Guess what, he went ahead and purchased the sofa. Yes, I made a sale! But something went wrong - I didn't get paid! Can you related?

I bet you're already a marketer and chances are, you don't get paid for your efforts. Have you ever bought a product or service and recommended it to a friend, co-worker or classmate, who needed the same thing? Bear in mind that if they went ahead and bought the products or services based on your recommendation, you made a sale. Congratulations! Ladies, have you ever referred a friend to that place where you get your nails done? What about where you do your hair or where you shop those shoes? How much money did you make on that recommendation?

Real marketers make money from the sales they generate. Somebody makes money everytime people buy or pay for what they need. You might become confrontational and remind me that it's not all about making money. I've heard it before. Well, why spend the bulk of your waking hours on earth, working or seeking for a job? If it's not all about the money, stay at home and refuse to exchange your time for money.

Why don't you start a business and get paid for doing what you're already doing for free? You can start part-time and as your business grows, you'd make more money than you're making at your job (it has been done) - at this point, you might decide to go full-time. Trust me! Nobody likes working for someone else. Besides, a new survey says only 45% are happy with their jobs.

I endorse Multi-Level Marketing (Network Marketing) - a business model that compensates independent entrepreneurs who are licensed to represent a company. What they do is basically not different from what you're already doing everyday, without pay. Believe it or not!

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