Friday, January 22, 2010

Introducing the CU-3000 Video Phone

In an earlier post, I introduced you to my favorite gadget - the CU-2000 video phone, remember? The video phone is a device I can't live without at this point. I'm used to talking and seeing the person on the other side, to the extent that talking on a traditional phone nowadays feels like listening to a football game on radio (Yes! It's that bad). I'm very excited about the video phone, especially the hugh window of opportunity it has created. This state-of-the-art technology is leading visionaries everywhere to financial freedom and guess what, the opportunity is global - it just hit the Nigerian telecommunications market (the biggest telecom market in Africa). To me, personally, Africa is where the opportunity truly lies. The hardworking people of the continent are hungry for cheap ways to connect with family and friends abroad and we have provided them with an opportunity to do so. You'd agree that technology constantly improves and when it does, people would use it. Mindful of this fact, our company has stepped up the game from the CU-2000 to the CU-3000 video phone (seen in the picture above). That's what I'm talking about! Permit me to introduce you to the long-awaited CU-3000 video phone:

What you want to do is, pay attention to the following features:
  • It's wireless (Wi-Fi enabled - no wires needed)
  • Big on color
  • Touch Screen (7-inch LCD)
  • Built-in camera
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • 3-way video conferencing
  • Standard phone jack (for connecting to a standard analog phone)
  • Photo frame and web browsing functionality
  • Handheld remote
  • Docking station
  • Speaker phone and headset jack
  • Visual ringer
The video phone connects you with your family and friends like never before. In an earlier article - Cameroonian Mother Reconnects with Son Via Video Phone, I illustrated how the video phone adds value to me life. That was the older version of the video phone (just for the records). The latest version: CU-3000 takes the experience to a whole new level. Unfortunately, it's not available in stores. It's exclusively provided by licensed representatives, like me.

Above all, the video phone is a great business tool - you can make money every time someone pays a phone bill. This is a best kept secret!

See and hear the people you love!

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