Thursday, February 18, 2010

Men with Embarrassing Wallets!

I was at the grocery store the other day - on the queue, anxiously waiting for my turn to make a payment - little did I know that I'd be standing in line, way longer than expected, simply because a man showed up with an embarrasing wallet. When the gentleman (seemingly) in front of me reached the pay counter, he pulled out a sorry-looking wallet to make a payment. The wallet was so stuffed that, as you'd expect, he couldn't find his bank card or cash. What an embarrassment! Later that same day, another gentleman overheard my phone conversation - about getting a new header for my blog. After the phone call, he told me he was a web designer and could take care of any website related issues. Before we parted, he reached for his wallet - instinctively, I knew he was going to give me his business card. I said to myself - "wow! This must be a serious businessman." Maybe I was wrong - he pulled out a worn out wallet, stuffed with pieces of papers. It took him quite some time to figure out where exactly he kept his business cards. I waited patiently, but I had already made up my mind - I won't be doing business with him. His wallet sold him out! Two embarrassing wallets in one day? It's definitely not a coincidence! There're many more men with embarrassing wallets, on the streets.

How does your wallet look like? Is it in good shape or is it round like a cup cake? If it's round like a cup cake, chances are it's stuffed with things you really don't need:
  • Receipts from 10 years ago
  • Business cards of people you don't remember
  • Scraps of papers with telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Expired bank cards, credit cards, ID cards and other things that you're, perhaps, sentimentally attached to.
The good news is -you don't have to throw them away. You're allowed to lock them in a drawer, somewhere at home. You don't have to carry them around and embarrass yourself.

What do I have in my wallet? As a matter of fact, I carry 2 wallets - brown and black. The black is designed to hold cards and nothing else - so I thought it wise to exclusively reserve it for my business cards. Hence, I know exactly where to fine my business card when I need to "dish" it out. The black wallet contains nothing else! The brown (finest Italian vegetable tanned leather by Claudio Ferrici) is usually pretty much empty - it contains my bank cards, ID card and pictures of my parents and younger brother (our Benjamin). I usually don't carry cash, but when I have to, my Claudio Ferrici wallet serves the purpose. Although I carry 2 wallets, you'd never see my back pocket bulge! As a matter of fact, I don't put my wallets in my back pockets because I don't want to sit on them. You'd agree that sitting on a wallet makes it look like something else.

You can hide your wallet most of the time and only bring it out to pay a bill or hand out your business card. However, during these rare instances, you never know who's watching. A sorry-looking wallet speaks volumes about you and would cost you more than you think - a potential customer, business partner or a date. Believe it or not!

By the way, do you think twice before drawing your wallet, while on a date? If the answer is "yes" - you absolutely need a new wallet as soon as possible. Fashion savvy people (men and women) are turned off by embarrasing wallets!

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