Friday, February 5, 2010

Tail of the Tiger Golf Balls - The Mistress Collection

I heard about this yesterday on France24 and I thought it was interesting - Tail of th Tiger Golf balls - the Mistress Collection. Have you heard about them? A lot has been said and written about Tiger Woods, since the world was rocked by a scandal of epic proportions. Initially, I promised myself not to be caught up in the saga, but later wrote about - A Damaged Game: Golf without Tiger Woods; when Tiger's mother-in-law collapsed at his home in December 2009, I responded to the media frenzy that followed, by asking the question - Did Tiger Cook Dinner for his Mother-in-Law? I even wrote about a Swedish TV Presenter who, in her own words, claimed "Tiger Tried to Recruit Me as a Lover." Have I been caught up in the media frenzy? Probably, because today, I'd like to introduce the tail of the Tiger Golf Balls - The Mistress Collection.

Yes! You guessed right - Tiger Woods' mistresses have been featured on golf balls! A company - Creative Classics, has produced golf balls with the pictures of Tiger's first twelve mistresses inscript on them - one mistress on each ball. It even gets better - their names are written on the special balls.

The balls are being sold on a website - What actually caught my attention was not the balls, it was the slogan - "He likes to play a round with them... now you can too!" Can you imagine? How low can people get?

As you'd expect, one of the alleged mistresses - Joslyn James, a porn star, in her first press conference on Wednesday since the scandal took the world by storm, has protested against the sale of the golf balls. She said,

"I've come forward today because I feel it is wrong for a golf ball to have my picture on it. As a victim of violence myself, it bothered me to think that someone would be standing with a dangerous club in their hands and hitting a golf ball with my face on it."

Do you think she stands a chance of getting an injunction against the sale of the golf balls? I don't think she would. What I know is, it's immoral to profit from someone's predicament.

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