Saturday, July 3, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup: Luis Suarez Robs Africa of a historic Victory

The FIFA World Cup has been in progress since 11 June 2010. Little did I know that I will be writing about the tournament, but the game of 2 July 2010, between Ghana and Uruguay, urged me to weigh in on a beautiful game gone bad. In the game between Uruguay and Ghana, Luis Suarez - striker for Uruguay, with what appeared to be an intentional handball, robbed Ghana of a well-deserved place in the semi-finals; Luis Suarez robbed Africa - of a historic victory.

On Sunday, Ghana went to Soccer City - bearing the weight of the whole continent of Africa - as Africans worldwide looked up to Ghana to break the glass ceiling and become the first African nation to qualify for the FIFA World Cup semi-finals. The Black Stars of Ghana understood their mission - to take African football to a new heights.

For the Black Stars, the road ahead was daunting - but possible. In Soccer City, they were the underdogs, but they were undeterred, and refused to be trampled upon. The Stars clearly dominated the game - they attacked Uruguay from all fronts - with all they got.

Pressurized, desperate and running out of time, with goalkeeper - Fernando Muslera completely displaced, Uruguay desperately needed a second goalkeeper to keep the Black Stars from scoring. At this point, in a blatant display of cheating, striker - Luis Suarez stepped in and played the role of second goalkeeper for the South American side. The consequence of this cheating was fatal! African hearts were broken, dreams shattered, and FIFA regulations put into question once more - as Luis Suarez robbed the last African team standing, of a victory in the neck of time.

In a display of "excellent" goalkeeping skills, the striker - Luis Suarez, made a controversial save for Uruguay. With both hands, Luis Suarez stopped the ball from making its way to the back of the net. The striker - turned goalkeeper - was sent off with a red card, but the damage had already been done.

It is immaterial to mention the fact that Ghana was awarded a penalty for this blatant display of unprofessional conduct, but with no time remaining, Ghana's Asamoah Gyan stepped up to the plate and lost the decisive penalty.

It is worth mentioning that the match proceeded to penalty shootout. At this stage, the demoralised Black Stars of Ghana - the youngest team in the FIFA World Cup 2010 tournament - lost to Uruguay. It is fair to say the better side lost!

As you would expect, many, including the coach of Uruguay - Oscar Tabarez, have justified this blatant display of cheating and unprofessional conduct.

Regardless of what you may think, Luis Suarez has gone down in history as the man who robbed Ghana of a historic place in the FIFA World Cup semi-finals, with a handball. He will be remembered as the man who robbed Africa of a historic victory at the FIFA World Cup 2010.

FIFA  should reform the rules applicable to such intentional fouls - fouls intended to prevent obvious goals. In such a case, a goal should be awarded, and the unscrupulous player sent off.

Photos: Courtesy Paul Fletcher's Blog and World Cup Blog


  1. hahahaha, learn to play soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is a very dirty game, not for gentlemen's!!!!
    How do you think us,a litlle country of South América, win two world cups,one of then against the only World cup played in Brasil?
    Africa needs a soccer culture... cause futból here is like a war

  2. Luis Suarez and the entire Uranian team, the country and its people (if Secutor is anything to go on) are pigs. You have no idea what war is - that or you are actually knocking a wartorn continent for the atrocities that make it a little difficult to have a "soccer culture": Now 4 years later, goal line technology would have awarded that as a goal I suspect, and the only reason that there is no rule to immediately rule that a goal is because pathetic rabid dog cheats such as Suarez only come along once in a blue moon, thank God. My favourite memory of the world cup for my county Australia (less than a million soccer players its by far our 4th most popular footballing code so there goes your "tiny country" theory) is not qualifiying for the last 16 - its beating Uruguay over 2 legs in 2005. Your country is useless without your psychopathic horse of a player (only a 9 game suspension - Sepp Blatter is as corrupt as your government - a lot of palms got greased there - should be 2 years to life, I mean - 3rd offence?!). You won the 1st world cup - in Uruguay, and upset the cocky Brazil 65 years ago. Nobody cares. And Uruguay will never ever win another.


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