Saturday, October 9, 2010

The new Arthur Koenig Fellowship by Human Rights Watch

Good news! Human Rights Watch has rolled out a new fellowship - the Arthur Koenig Fellowship. This fellowship is largely similar to the other fellowships organised by the leading human rights organisation, but there's a twist.

The new Arthur Koenig Fellowship is designed to help people from "disadvantaged economic backgrounds" join the human rights movement. In other words, [only] people from disadvantaged economic backgrounds are eligible to apply for the Arthur Koenig Fellowship.

This is good news for the uncountable number of economically disadvantage people of conscience looking for a chance to join the international human rights movement.

You are encouraged to read more about eligibility and application procedure for the Arthur Koenig Fellowship on the official website of Human Rights Watch, and perhaps apply. The deadline for applications is 18 October 2010.

Good luck!

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