Sunday, October 24, 2010

Remove racist graffiti in Finnish town of Mikkeli

This morning the title of an article, "The tale of two racist spray paintings in an eastern Finnish city" published on Migrant Tales (a blog I read religiously) caught my attention. As the title of the article reveals, it tells the story of racist graffiti in Mikkeli, a town in eastern Finland.

The racist graffiti were reportedly sprayed on walls in a school and a pedestrian tunnel in the small town of about 34, 000 people.

With the intervention of Kansainvälinen Mikkeli Ry (International Mikkeli), a new organization that fosters cooperation between immigrants and all residents of Mikkeli, the graffiti on the wall of the school was removed after a call to the principal. It is worth mentioning that the graffiti had been on the wall for months.

The Mikkeli municipality on its part has failed, as of today, to remove a more disturbing racist graffiti on the wall of a pedestrian tunnel, even though the authorities have reportedly been notified.

The local authorities of Mikkeli should remove the racist graffiti on the wall of the pedestrian tunnel. Inaction on their part sends across a wrong message - that racism is tolerated in Mikkeli and a certain group of people are not welcomed.

I won't post photos of the racist graffiti on this blog because they are offensive, provocative, and violate house rules and regulations.


  1. Mikkeli, not Mikelli. But yeah, it's infuriating that no action was taken until someone officially complained. The school has made it very clear that they only care about their reputation, not what kind of messages the school building actually carries.

  2. @Sunatic, I stand corrected. Thanks for calling my attention to the spelling error. You're right - the school like most institutions only care about their reputation.

  3. Yeah, as an anti-guy from Canada who watched the nazis disappear in the 90's, I have noticed a disturbing trend among kids who think it's cool, and cops who either don't care or are secretly behnid such behaviour. Sadly, I would not be the slightest bit surprised in 20 years if we fight WW3, against the exact same 'crew' as the first two. Nazism is on the rise in Europe, and will result in a rise of anti forces too. Which just means more stupid fighting. Scares me when I think of my kids having to face the same demons my grandfather did....also, they need to remove it, or someone like me will go and do some hardcore message back, just setting up an actual fight. But if they cared about preventing future crime, they would have no jobs.....


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