Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Award Winning International Affairs Blogger Blogs

There's a growing need nowadays to be informed and educated on human rights and other important global issues that affect us all either directly or indirectly. The advent of the internet has made information more accessible and education easier. At the same time, information is flowing at a break-neck speed from a variety of sources. Understandably, many internet users are overwhelmed by this "information avalanche" and don't know where to find quality and sometimes impartial content online. This is where "Award Winning" blogs come in.

Blog Catalog has made things easier for blog readers by categorizing blogs so that readers can easily find the category of blogs they're interested in reading. One of such categories is: "Award Winning International Affairs Blogger Blogs" in which this blog - - is listed together with a host of other blogs. In this category, you'll find interesting blogs that provide unique perspectives into key global issues, including the rule of law, human rights, the economy, policy, conflicts and other issues that would help you better understand today's ever-changing world.

Make sure you stay informed, especially in this age of information technology. Oppressive regimes in countries like Egypt and China don't hesitate to violate the right to access information either through arrests or internet shutdown simply because information is power.


  1. Congratulations. Kudos to your cause.Keep championing for human rights. If victims could not stand for their rights we are here to help them and tell the whole world their story. Keep the light burning for equality and justice for human rights.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words. Defending human rights is a noble cause. You're encouraged to keep the flame burning as well.


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