Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DUNIA Magazine gives back: Vote for your favorite cause

I'm part of the core team at DUNIA Magazine and I'm excited to announce that the magazine is giving back to the community by making a donation in support of a cause voted for by readers.

You're invited to vote online for your favorite cause and nominate an organization that champions the cause.

Please visit for more information about how to nominate and vote.

Your participation will go a long way to help DUNIA Magazine select a suitable cause and organization to support.

You're encouraged to do something good today. Vote for a cause you're truly passionate about. Your vote can make a difference.

DUNIA will make a donation in support of the cause with the most votes.


  1. I'm not going to vote because I'm pretty sure we're not on the same continent, and it's unfair for people who don't live in the community to vote in an issue where the community itself is affected. I just wanted to say I like your blog and what it stands for. It's very proactive in spreading the word, and quite refreshing compared to the cynical blogs I'm used to reading. best of luck!

  2. Leila, Dunia is based in the U.S., but has connections in several parts of the world. It really doesn't matter where you are from, if there's a category amidst the ones listed that 'thugs' at your heart strings and that you believe we should help out with, please make that vote. It'll go a long way ... and while you're at it, join the mailing list for uplifting stories from around the world. Thanks much for your in put.
    I am an Editor w the mag.

  3. I applaud you and your magazine for making a difference.

  4. We voted - thank you for the great article!

  5. very simple but solid blog, about things that really involve people. congratz my friend !!!!

  6. Leila et al. Thanks for all the support.

    @Lema thanks for the clarification. Hope Leila can now vote. :-)

    N.B. Please, join the DUNIA mailing list on the website and qualify for a free e-magazine (special promo).


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