Sunday, April 17, 2011

Help Human Rights Watch win a 2011 Webby Award

You'd recall that last year, I urged you to help Human Rights Watch win the 14th Webby Awards by voting for the organization's video on maternal mortality in India that was nominated for the prestigious award. It's that time of the year again and this time, the organization has been nominated for three Webby Awards. You're once again encouraged to  help Human Rights Watch win a Webby Award.

This year, 3 projects (2 videos and 1 photograph) by Human Rights Watch that expose rights violations in 3 countries have been nominated for the 15th Webby Awards. The nominated projects are:
  1. Deadly Threats: Successors to the Paramilitaries in Colombia.
  2. Dear Obama: Message from Victims of the LRA.
  3. Exiled: Burma's Defenders.
The above projects are nominated under 3 Online Film & Video categories, namely:
  • Documentary: Series
  • News & Politics: Individual Episode
  • News & Politics: Series
It's worth mentioning that when I voted earlier today, Human Rights Watch was leading in two of the above three categories: Documentary: Series (with 26 percent of the votes) and News & Politics: Individual Episode (46 percent of the votes).

The organization was third in the News & Politics: Series category.

Register now (or sign in using your Twitter or Facebook account) and vote for the 3 projects by Human Rights Watch. Your vote will help the organization win a 2011 Webby Award and show support for the organization's fight to protect and promote human rights worldwide.

Voting opened on 12 April 2011 and will close on 28 April 2011. You can vote in every category.

In 2010, Human Rights Watch won a Webby Award for best Documentary: Individual Episode.

Here's more information about how you can help Human Rights Watch win a 2011 Webby Award.

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