Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweden: Outrageous slave trade party by Lund University students

The slave trade is one of the worst "crimes against humanity" in human memory. The victims are uncountable and the horrific consequences of the heinous crime are far-reaching. It's hard to think of people making a party about this ordeal, but a group of students in Lund University - a prestigious university in southern Sweden - defied conventional wisdom and went ahead to organize what could be called an outrageous "slave trade" party.

On Saturday 16 April 2011, two student associations (Hallands and Helsingkrona), known as "Nations" in Lund University were involved in a controversial party showcasing a "slave auction". During the party organized by Hallands Nation, 3 people with blackened faces were reportedly tied up with ropes and led into the hall by a "slave owner." The "slaves" were "sold" off during the party.

The student associations involved claimed the "slave auction" was a joke, but Afrosvenskarnas Riksförbund (National Afro-Swedish Association) condemned the slave trade joke and reported the reckless actions of "some of the best educated in Sweden" to the police.

In my capacity as a proud ex-student of Lund University, I have a moral obligation to join the National Afro-Swedish Association in condemning the actions of those involved in making a joke of the slave trade. The so-called "jungle" party organized by Lund University students is offensive, outrageous and evokes memories of the suffering and subjugation of a people. Such a "joke" was unnecessary and undermines the dignity and respect of hundreds of Lund University students of African descent.

This outrageous slave trade joke must be unequivocally condemned in the strongest terms. The university and state authorities should bring the organizers to book and take steps to ensure that an apology is issued to all students and concerned parties offended by such a display of poor judgement.

More importantly, the authorities should ensure that such an offensive party should never be organized by any educational association in Sweden.

In a related story, Jallow Momodou, a member of the National Afro-Swedish Association who openly condemned the racist joke and reported the associations involved to the police was racially attacked at his office in Sweden's third city - Malmö. After lodging a complaint against the slave trade party, Momodou arrived at his office to find posters depicting him as a man in chains (see photo above).

The outrageous "slave trade" party by Lund University students and the attack against a member of the National Afro-Swedish Association speaks volumes about the state of racism and disrespect for persons of African descent in Sweden in 2011.


  1. slave auction a joke?! so called educated people.

  2. WOW, I'm used to the racisim and hatred in the US. It's funny how Europeans always look down on European Americans for their racist ways yet they seem to be just as racist and hate filled. It's really sick that people would find that funny yet everyone is up in arms if something negative is siad about the Holocaust where they didn't go through half as much torture as the slaves. Slavery lasted hundreds of years and was filled with rapes and many murders to name just a few. I see Sweden is just as bad as the US.


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