Saturday, February 25, 2012

Immigrants stage demonstration against intolerance in Finland

Immigrants in Oulu, northern Finland, staged a demonstration on 24 February 2012 against the shooting to death of an immigrant in a pizzeria. The demonstration reportedly attracted over 200 participants. A video posted on Ilta-Sanomat briefly captures the "march for peace" and sheds new light on the plight of immigrants. The demonstrators urged decision makers and the police to promote tolerance and to step up efforts to make the city more secure. [Source]. A similar demonstration was reportedly staged in the nation's capital on the same day. YLE News noted that the "racially-flavoured" shooting in Oulu followed two other violent acts against immigrants.

Immigrants in Finland have safety concerns.

Following the deadly Oulu shooting, many immigrants believe any of them could be a victim. I have had a discussion with at least two people who feel this way. Many are scared.

One immigrant who has lived in Finland for 18 years and owns a pizzeria said he is scared and that things have changed over the past three years. He lives in Oulu - where the shooting took place - and has noticed that the city has become more racist. [Source].

It is worth mentioning that my Tuesday article condemning the Oulu pizzeria shooting and urging people of goodwill in Finland to do the same was not well received by some readers. The article was published on Migrant Tales, a blog that debates issues facing the immigrant and minority community in Finland, with the title: Zuzeeko's Blog: Finland - Shooting of Immigrants in Oulu Pizzeria must be condemned. It has received some unsettling comments. In the spirit of the Perussuomalaiset councilman who said the shooter should be given a medal, some readers have attempted to defend the shooter or make excuses on his behalf.

It has been said that "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". Intolerance, hate crime, racism, discrimination and all social ills are morally reprehensible and must always be condemned by people of good conscience - no matter how loud voices in favor may seem.

*Photo: Ilta-Sanomat.

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  1. Discrimintaion is one issue for immigrants. The authority must do something in order to retain the peace.


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