Saturday, February 4, 2012

Petition for release of Jean-Claude Mbede imprisoned in Cameroon

It is no secret that homosexuality is outlawed in Cameroon and sanctioned under Article 347 bis of the Cameroon Penal Code with imprisonment from 6 months to 5 years and a fine of from 20,000 francs CFA to 200,000 francs CFA. Homosexuals and persons perceived to be homosexuals are routinely arrested, tried and imprisoned in Cameroon, [Source: Amnesty Annual Reports] despite the country's commitment under international law to respect human rights standards. Jean-Claude Mbede is one of the many people arrested under Article 347 bis. Amnesty International in Finland launched a campaign for his release on 1 February 2012.

Jean-Claude Mbede, 31 years old,  is a Cameroonian who was arrested in march 2011 and sentenced in April 2011 to 3 years in prison for homosexuality. He is currently locked up in Kondengui Central Prison in Yaounde, Cameroon's capital city,[Source] which has a capacity of 700 inmates but held 3,852 inmates in August 2011.[SourceIt is worth highlighting at this point that as many as five prisoners die each year due to lack of medical attention and poor hygiene in Cameroon's prisons. [Source]

Amnesty International considers Jean-Claude Mbede to be a prisoner of conscience and is calling for his release.

Sign a petition by Amnesty International urging for the immediate and unconditional release of Jean-Claude Mbede, amongst other things.

The petition form is in Finnish. Note the following:
  • Etunimi = First name
  • Sukunimi = Surname
  • Paikkakunta = Region
  • Sähköposti = Email
  • Puhelinnumero = Phone number
  • Allekirjoita vetoomus = Sign petition.
Check the boxes on the petition form if you would like your name to be displayed on the front page of the petition and if you would like Amnesty Finland to send you information about petitions, campaigns and other activities.

More information (in Finnish), including a short video with English subtitles, about Jean-Claude Mbede:



  1. Does the petition include a movement inorder to get that law changed from the constitution? because as long as it continues to exist it will give room for the government to exercise it as law

  2. @Mon petite Niche, you're right! The petition includes a call for the law to be repealed and for Cameroon to acknowledge that Jean-Claude Mbede is a prisoner of conscience. You're encouraged to sign the petition - if you've not done so yet.


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