Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Did Tiger Woods Cook Dinner for his Mother-in-law?

I have done my best not to get involved in the Tiger Woods saga but the events of yesterday, 8 December 2009 prompted me to get involved.

Yesterday, Tiger Wood's mother-in-law, Barbro Holmberg collapsed at his home and was rushed to a Florida hospital. This raised more suspicion and speculation in the media, making it the second media frenzy in two weeks surrounding the legendary golfer.

A 911 call from Tiger's home was followed by an ambulance leaving his home with a lady, dubbed, "the mystery woman from Tiger's home" by the media. The "mystery woman" was later identified as Barbro Holmberg, a Swedish politician and the pro golfer's mother-in-law. She was rushed to the hospital with stomach pain and was later released about 11 hours later and returned to Tiger's manson. According to the hospital spokesman, Dan Yates, "she was wheeled out in a wheelchair just like everyone else."

Without going into the details of what happened yesterday, I was shocked by the global response when the news broke. Like every other CNN breaking news, I received this one on my cell phone and immediately swapped channels to CNN International. I later logged into Twitter, all in a bid to get peoples' response to the news.

The response that shocked me most, amid other shocking responses, was a comment posted on an article in The Local (a Swedish news agency). The comment went thus: "Did Tiger cooked dinner for her?...". Regardless of the grammatical error, I understood the comment. As a matter of fact, the comment hit me like a bombshell and I was like, "what?"

Thinking outside the box is important. But sometimes, our thoughts go too far. I wish there was a rule that people should only talk when they know what they're talking about. Speculations don't hold water, that's why submissions are overruled in court on grounds of speculation.

Imagine a world where people only talk when they know what they're talking about and not because they have to say something.

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