Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coaching Beyond Sports: Who is Helping You Succeed?

I'm not a big fan of soccer but I've watched many soccer matches and have developed some interest in the sport. I sometimes tend to admire the role of the coach more than the role of the players. This might sound strange to many fans because most fans concentrate more on the action on the pitch and ignore the role of the "master planner" behind the scenes. Coaching plays a major role in the realisation of extraordinary results. This explains why every team gets a coach. It's worthy of note that the role of a coach is not limited to sports. More often than not, people mistakenly limit coaching to sports. In reality, it goes beyond sports. Football players, volleyball players, basketball players, you name it, all have coaches to help them succeed. The question is, who do you have to coach you to succeed in the greatest game of all - life?

Coaching is a professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their careers, businesses or organizations. Coaching deeps learning and improves performance. The coach is there to listen and contribute observations. He creates clarity and moves the client into effective action. The coach's efforts and the application of the coaching process produces amazing results.

We've seen the extraordinary role of coaching in soccer and other sports. We've seen how coaches galvanize teams and produce mind-blowing results. We've seen teams with great players suffer the effects of poor coaching. I vividly remember the day Chelsea Football Club lost a great coach - Jose Mourinho (see picture above). The world was stunned on 19 September, 2007 when Coach Mourinho dramatically left Stamford bridge. Needless to say, the effects of his absence were far-reaching. Great players became demoralized, the team suffered numerous defeats and was at the brink of "disaster." Luckily, the club was rescued by another coach.

Even the living tennis legend - Andre Agassi, understands the importance of coaching. He was at the bottom of his carrier when Tony Robbins subjected him to training. Coaching helped Agassi broke a losing spell within a very short period of time.

You're a player in the greatest game of all - life. Do you have a coach? Do you have a mentor? Who is helping you achieve your goals? From time to time, we give up on our dreams and forget what matters to us. That's where a coach comes in. The coach is there to help you overcome fear and doubt and support you to take the necessary steps towards what you want.

Some of us think we can do it alone. That's alright. Afterall, self-confidence is a good character trait. But with a coach, you'd be challenged, empowered and stretched to your limits. That's when you reach your full potential.

FACT: Every guru was once a student.

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