Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Swedish TV Presenter: "Tiger tried to Recruit me as a Lover"

Since Tiger Woods got involved in the much talked about car accident, I have tried not to get involved in frenzy that surrounds the accident. However, events of yesterday exposed me to many articles that prompted me to break the silence.

On 9 December 2009, The Local, an online news portal, published an article about a 31-year-old Swedish TV presenter who claimed Tiger Woods tried to recruit her as a lover six or seven years ago. Is this just another person seeking five minutes of fame? Have we forgotten what success is all about?

Tiger Woods and his family are facing some tough times. For some people, this is just an opportunity to make a name for themselves and boost their celebrity. If Tiger Woods actually tried to recruit the TV presenter as a lover, why did it take her seven years to reveal the story?

Drawing from numerous events, such as the Balloon Boy fiasco and the White House Dinner Party crashers, there will always be someone seeking fame though crafty means. As Dr. Phil McGraw would say, there will always be somebody who will be glad to walk through fire or sit in cow dung or eat worms to get headlines. And sadly, they do get headlines.

Many people seem to have forgotten the meaning of fame, celebrity and success. What happened to the days when success, fame and celebrity was achieved through hard work? Some have credited the TV presenter for revealing the story at the right time. In my opinion, she's just another person seeking fame, even if it means destroying the marriage of her fellow Swede, Tiger Woods wife.

The TV reporter reportedly loves the spotlight and over the years she has done some crazy stuff to attract attention. I won't go into the details. A lot has already been written about her. Read more on The Local.

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