Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A day frozen in time!

.April 5th...

A day frozen in time!

On 5th April, 2003, my dad - [Rt.] Police Commissioner Abeng S. Kang, passed away. On this day, 7 years later, I received my Master of Laws (Two Years) degree certificate in the mail. What a coincidence!

As I opened the blue file (embedded with the seal of Lund University), I wondered - what would he say on this day?

Not surprisingly, I broke down - in memory of the man who sacrificed more than you can imagine and built the solid foundation on which I stand.
The man showed up on this planet with a set of principles.
He was unwilling to use his influence for personal gains.

He had not only the gift of life within him,
But also the courage to live life to the very end.

He left behind a wife,
Distinguished sons and daughters;
Not to mourn him -
To celebrate his life,
Finish what he started,
Do what he left undone
And blaze a trail for others to follow.

His legacy lives on...

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  1. We must celebrate his life and keep his legacy going. U said it right, 'he was unwilling to use his influence for personal gains.' And that's why generations of his will be forever blessed. He wants us to be happy, we were blessed to have a dad like him.
    CONGRATS ON THE DEGREE! lol! That date too will be frozen in time - as we share the stories with our children and grandchildren ,,, huge milestone. Congrats mama's daddy, u did it! Let's keep working.


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