Saturday, April 24, 2010

Help Human Rights Watch Win Webby Award!

Last month, I wrote about the alarming rate of maternal deaths in the U.S. and I'm thrilled to note that a video by Human Rights Watch, which brings to light the dangers of maternal deaths in India, has been nominated for the 14th Annual Webby Award - Best Documentary: Individual Episode. The video - "In Silence: Maternal Mortality in India", tells the story of an Indian woman, Kiran Yadav, who died in childbirth.

What is the Webby Award?

The Webby Award celebrates excellence, innovation and creativity on the internet and it has been dubbed the "internet's highest honor" by New York Times. It is worth mentioning that thousands of videos and websites are submitted to win the award and it is an honor to have a video, which highlights a fundamental human right, nominated for "Web Supremacy".

Below is the video that was nominated for the Webby Award:

Are you passionate about human rights? Should women die from preventable causes?

Make your voice heard by helping Human Rights Watch win the Webby Award - this will go a long way to raise awareness about maternal deaths in India - where, according to Human Rights Watch, more than 60,000 pregnancies end up in death.

You can help Human Rights Watch by doing two things:

1) Register HERE
2) Vote for "In Silence: Maternal Mortality in India."

Make a difference, by following the two simple steps above.

Cast your vote before 29 April, 2010.

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