Friday, April 9, 2010

Police in Finland still Investigating Death Threats?

Finland's Minister of Migration and European Affairs - Astrid Thors was issued death threats on Facebook, for her "treasonous" immigration stance. The threats were made via a group on Facebook, entitled - "I'm ready to to spend a few years in jail for killing Astrid Thors!!" (translated from the Finnish language). In order to get the police in Finland to investigate a threat, the victim is required to report an offence. In February, the Minister reported the illegal threat to the police, but a single arrest is yet to be made. The question is - how much time does the police in Finland need to investigate a death threat against a Minister?

It's alleged that the creator of the group is a local politician from Häme, in South Finland. Hence there's a suspect! How much more investigation is needed before an arrest is made? Is this another testament of untold bureaucracy and bottlenecks in the administration of justice in Finland?

In the U.S., a man accused of issuing death threats against a Democratic Senator - Patty Murray (photo to the left), was arrested yesterday. The threats were made between March 22 and April 4, in response to the passage of the new health care bill. It didn't take the authorities up to a month to track down the culprit. In other words, law enforcement officers in the U.S. wasted no time "investigating" the threats. This is what we called - law enforcement! According to the Justice Department, threatening a federal officer in the U.S. is sanctioned by up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

In contrast, people in Finland seem to get away with illegal threats - even threats directed at State officials.

It's worth mentioning that the recent sluggish police response to death threats against Finland's Minister of Migration comes in the wake of other questionable police responses that ended up in tragedy.

In a country with loose gun laws - where 15-year-olds are permitted to carry guns, death threats require immediate and rapid police response. Don't you think?

YLE reported on March 8, that investigations are also underway for a Finnish website, registered to an American neo-Nazist. The site calls for the killing of immigrants and politicians.

The authorities should move quickly! They must not wait for the threats to be executed before bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Justice delayed is justice denied!

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  1. Hi Zuzeeko, thank you for the story. You are absolutely right about Finland's laxed gun laws and the fact that people can make death threats and get away with it. This is the reason why racism thrives among some Finns: people and some policemen think it is ok.


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